Excellent Customer Service

At Filing Wizards, we understand that the starting up or modifying your business can be a confusing process. That’s why we’ve dedicated hard work to ensuring that our customer service is the best that’s out there. Please contact us to see for yourself.

Low Costs – High Quality

Many businesses want a higher level of service than that offered by our online competitors, but are unable to pay the high fees charged by law firms. That’s where Filing Wizards comes in – we’re the middle ground for those looking for improved service at reduced costs.


Working with Filing Wizards is easy. Go to our plans page to select the type of business and the type of , provide your contact information, and one of our representatives will be in touch within 24 hours.

Service Packages

  • Comprehensive packages designed to meet the needs of the typical new business.
  • Bundling of services allow you to save costs.
  • Easy to understand drop down menus to help you understand your options.